Pressurizing, Circulating
& Cooling Plants

Walker US is a leading provider of pressurizing, circulating and cooling plants for HPFF cable systems. Walker provides turnkey plant solutions including design, engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning, maintenance and 24/7 emergency field service.

Walker’s capabilities include new plant designs, portable units, upgrades, repairs, complete refurbishments, and all monitoring, controls and communications. Walker’s plants are fully customizable to meet your requirements, offering both PLC based and electro-mechanical controlled plants.

Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants

Pressurizing Plants

Commonly referred to as pumping plants or pump houses, pressurizing plants are critical to the performance of a transmission feeder as HPFF cables require pressurization with dielectric fluid for reliable, everyday operation.
Walker’s plants are designed for ease of use and reliability with a premium placed on making our equipment operator friendly.

Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants

Circulating & Cooling Plants

In addition to pressurizing the fluid, a feeder can have a circulating or cooling plant to help augment cable ratings. Walker’s circulating plants move dielectric fluid through a feeder to remove hot spots which in turn increases capacities.

Walker’s plants can be upgraded to include forced air cooling and refrigeration which are popular options to increase HPFF cable ratings.

Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants

Portable Plants

Walker’s portable units are designed and built for use during the replacement of an existing plant or in the event of a plant failure. Walker’s plant design is highly reliable, user friendly and ideal to support outages and other emergencies.

Walker’s plants provide temporary pressurization and control of dielectric fluid in underground pipe-type cable systems.

Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants

Self-Contained Pressurizing Skids

Popular in plant restorations, Walker’s pressurization skids include all major components of pumping plant minus the ASME pressure vessel. This includes all pumps, hydraulics, piping, controls and instrumentation.
Walker’s skids are custom designed to your specifications and spacing requirements.

Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants

Plant Upgrades & Restorations

Walker is an expert in HPFF asset life extension and reliability enhancement. Walker offers plant assessments, audits, restorations, upgrades and more.
As a pioneer in “restoration over replacement”, Walker has perfected the techniques that help us provide installations that are “like new” in appearance and functionality.

Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants

Engineering & Field Services

Walker’s commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. Our highly trained technical specialists and engineers offer assistance and reliable solutions in support of your underground pipe-type cable system.
Walker offers engineering, field service, on-site training, emergency response and comprehensive maintenance plans for all of our equipment.

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