Insulating Gases & Liquids

The main purpose of a dielectric material is to prevent or rapidly quench electric discharges. Dielectric gases and liquids are used as electric insulators in high voltage applications like transformers, circuit breakers, switchgears and more. Walker offers fully integrated solutions for insulating gases and liquid applications including cryogenics, bulk tank, nitrogen and LNG.

  • Production
  • Storage (Bulk Tank Solutions)
  • Control Systems
  • Delivery Systems
  • Vaporizer Solutions
  • Nitrogen Blankets
  • Pressure Regulating Systems

Insulating Gases & Liquids

Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Walker provides custom liquid storage tanks designed and fabricated to meet your sizing requirements and project specifications.

Walker offers a complete range of tank sizes and can come in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Walker’s nitrogen tanks come equipped with telemetric monitoring for nitrogen delivery and an internal pressure relief system.

Insulating Gases & Liquids

Vaporization Systems

Ambient air vaporizers are heat exchangers that extract energy from ambient air and use it to vaporize liquified gases.

Walker’s vaporizers are constructed of an all-aluminum design and are capable of providing continuous feed of gaseous nitrogen to process with two parallel units ONLINE and OFFINE for defrosting on an 8 hour switch cycle.

Insulating Gases & Liquids

Feeder Pressure Regulating Cabinets

Walker provides fully customizable nitrogen gas control units for feeder pressurization.

Walker’s feeder pressure regulating units are suitable for 200 PSIG operating pressure for each circuit.

Walker’s cabinets are designed for outdoor use and are rated both NEMA 3R and NEMA 4X stainless steel.

Insulating Gases & Liquids

Nitrogen Blanket Systems

Walker US has designed, built and installed a myriad of nitrogen blanket systems for utilities like Con Ed, PSE&G, Evergy, Exelon and more.

Walker’s nitrogen blanket systems have been installed to support transformers, gas & fluid filled feeders, potheads and pumping plants.

Insulating Gases & Liquids

Emergency Nitrogen Back-Up Systems

Walker’s Nitrogen driven emergency back-up systems can save many hours in start-up time and keep a feeder ready to energize when power has been interrupted.

When a loss of power is experienced at a pressurization plant site, Walker’s emergency back-up nitrogen system will provide safe and reliable fluid pressure immediately.

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